Easy Project Idea: Painting Fall Leaves with Alcohol Inks

Easy Project Idea: Painting Fall Leaves with Alcohol Inks

Looking for a quick and easy project to embrace the coming Fall? Look no further! This easy tutorial is the perfect weekend craft to get your creative juices flowing. 

Before we get started, please note: alcohol inks will stain hands and clothing. We recommend wearing gloves and using a piece of cardboard (or something similar) as a base underneath your painting surface. This activity is not recommended for children without constant adult supervision. 

Let's go!

Step One: Gather Supplies

First things first, lace up your shoes and head outside. Collect and gather leaves, sticks, pinecones, or any other natural material that catches your eye. Look for different sizes, shapes, and colors. 

Other materials you'll need:

- Yupo Paper (we used the round pad, but any size will do

Pinata Alcohol Inks (3-5 colors)

Cheap brushes

Small palette 

Soft lead pencil

Spectra AD Marker, Black

Tape (optional)

Step Two: Create Your Layout

Arrange your collected leaves, etc. on your Yupo paper. Experiment with size and location: are they all facing the same direction? Are some hanging off the page? Once you have the layout you like, use your pencil to trace the outline of the leaves. If you want a more realistic look, use your tape to secure the leaves while you trace them. 

Tip: this step does not have to be exact! 

Step Three: Begin Painting

Place a few drops of each alcohol ink color in the different wells of your palette. Using a separate brush for each color, begin filling in the leaves with ink. Try layering the inks on top of one another to create interesting blooming effects. 

Be careful not to oversaturate the Yupo paper. A little bit of ink goes a long way. 

Step Four: Add Your Details & Background

Once your leaves are painted and dried, use the brush end of your Spectra Marker to draw in the details of the leaves. Include the veins, stems, and any other distinguishing characteristic you find interesting. You can either re-trace over your pencil marks (if you can still see them) or make up your own! 

For a bold and eye-catching effect, paint your background with a solid color (I chose black).

Let us know how yours turns out!

Sep 1st 2022 M. Miller

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