Higgins offers varying colors and product selections for Dye Inks, Black & White Inks, Pigment Ink, and Pump Markers

Color Samples provided based upon product selections:

Red (Higgins Ink)   Carmine (Higgins Ink)   Brick Red (Higgins Ink)   Magenta (Higgins Ink)   Red Violet (Higgins Ink)  Violet (Higgins Ink)   Indigo (Higgins Ink)  Blue (Higgins Ink)  Turquoise (Higgins Ink)   Green (Higgins Ink)  Leaf Green (Higgins Ink)   Lemon (Higgins Ink)   Yellow (Higgins Ink)   Orange (Higgins Ink)   Red Orange (Higgins Ink)   Russet (Higgins Ink)   Brown (Higgins Ink)   Neutral Gray (Higgins Ink)

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PIGMENT BASED INKS are Rich, translucent and fade-proof, this series of ink combines micro-pulverized pigments in a highly fluid formula. All 9 colors can be intermixed and diluted with water to produce an infinite range of colors.

DYE BASED INKS are brilliantly colored and infinitely mixable with other dye based and pigmented Higgins colors. These inks can be used with dip pens, brushes and airbrushes. 

BLACK and WHITE INKS range starts with Black Magic® - our darkest black ink and goes to our most opaque white ink - Super White. Exceptional inks for fine art and calligraphy.

PUMP MARKERS are Higgins Black Magic and India Inks.  Ideal for use on papers and boards, Higgins Pump Markers last 7 times longer than most permanent markers and have a removable 1 mm bullet nib, 2mm chisel nib, or 1mm brush nib. Markers can be refilled with any Higgins Ink.  Choose the India Ink marker for a water-resistant finish, or the Black Magic marker for a quick-drying, waterproof finish. Both markers contain pigment ink that can be diluted with water and dries with a matte sheen.  â€‹Usage Note — Shake thoroughly before use.

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