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The Blackwing is ideal for illustrators and musicians who prefer a soft, dark line. It boasts a sophisticated matte black finish with pearl white erasers. If you love to draw and sketch this is your go-to due to the range you get from light to hard strokes. You also get a similar 'charcoal' effect from the pencil.

The Blackwing leads have wax added to them, making them very smooth to write and draw with. They are capable of dark velvety marks but hold their point longer than other brands of similar lead hardness.

Blackwing pencils are manufactured by CalCedar, an American Companythey aren't entirely a “made-in-the-USA” pencil. CalCedar (sustainably) sources its pencil slats from California and Oregon, and the graphite in the Blackwing pencils comes from Japan.

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