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  • SEPP LEAF PRODUCTS, INC Liberon Gilt Cream - Chantilly - 30mL SEPP LEAF PRODUCTS, INC Liberon Gilt Cream - Chantilly - 30mL

    Liberon Gilt Cream - Chantilly - 30mL


    MSRP: $45.00
    Liberon Gilt Cream is an easy to apply gilt finish for restoring old gilding work and for giving a gilt finish to new surfaces. Performance: - Use to retouch damaged gilding or to gild new surfaces...
  • Out of stock. Please contact store for special orders.
    Winsor and Newton Artists Acrylic Slow Dry Medium 250mL

    Artists' Acrylic Slow Dry Medium 250mL

    Winsor & Newton

    MSRP: $19.89
    This medium slows the drying time of acrylic color to give you more working time of color for extended blending and manipulation. A ratio of 1:1 volume doubles the drying time (mix with color up to...

What Our Customers Say

  • B K, June 2021

    Large Spray Selection

    I always come here for their large selection of spray. I love this place and the staff is always ready to help you out.

    B K, June 2021

  • Alan, June 2021

    Great Framing Service

    Great staff. Very professional and can frame almost anything

    Alan, June 2021

  • Morgan, April 2021

    Makes You Feel Like a Welcome Artist

    My favorite store for art supplies! The employees are always friendly and helpful when I want to try new mediums and have no idea where to start. They’ve always helped me find the best solutions and art hacks and help me find the best deal. I always feel like I’m a welcome fellow artist rather than someone to sell things to. Always worth the hour drive!

    Morgan, April 2021

  • Morgan, February 2021

    A Must Visit

    Absolutely love this store! I wish that more people knew about this place! The staff here is wonderful and was able to answer all my questions. I don't think I'll be going back to Hobby Lobby or Michaels arts and crafts store after I found this place! This is a MUST VISIT arts and crafts store!

    Morgan, February 2021

  • Fernand, February 2021

    Everything You Need

    This store is amazing, seriously. Everything you need for drawings, architecture things and frames. Excellent customer service.

    Fernand, February 2021

  • Frank, February 2021

    A place where you can find anything you need!

    Frank, February 2021

  • Mary, January 2021

    Excellent Curbside Service

    Everything a student or professional could ask for. They are totally Covid compliant with indoor shopping, and they also have phone ordering and curbside pickup down to a science.

    Mary, January 2021

  • Sharlene, January 2021

    Sam Flax is the Place for You

    ART SUPPLIES. LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD HERE...IT'S SAFE & CLEAN. IF YOU WANT JOY AND HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE..WELL (Sam Flax) is the place for You , The Associates will Help You Find All the things Needed for Your Desired accomplishments. Sam Flax has it All

    Sharlene, January 2021

  • Abraham Giliana, November 2021

    Rare Items

    This place in its huge area has rare items I could not find elsewhere. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Their sales are awesome!

    Abraham Giliana, November 2021