Printing Services No Longer Available

Printing Services No Longer Available

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective January 22, 2024, Wide Format Printing and all additional printing services will no longer be available at Sam Flax Atlanta. Our talented printing staff has completed all open orders, and we will no longer offer any of the following services: digital capture, graphic design, photo re-touching, giclee prints, scanning, and wide-format printing/reproduction. We want to thank all of our valuable printing clients we have served over the years and look forward to continuing to provide you with all of your Custom Framing needs.

Can I receive a digital copy of my artwork from an order I placed with you?

Of course! Please email and we'll email your file(s) to you.

What custom services are still available at Sam Flax?

Our Custom Framing Department will continue to operate as usual. Canvas stretching/custom builds, conservation framing, dry mounting, mat-cuts and more will continue without interruption. We will be expanding our Custom Framing Department to include a larger client service area for consultations, and be adding new machinery to our workshop!

Feb 19th 2024

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