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Beginner's Guide to Creating Portraits: Learning the essentials & developing you

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The portrait is one of the worlds oldest artforms, but todays technology and culture mean its time to take a fresh look at how todays portrait artists work outside the realms of realism and elevate their technique. The Instagram-friendly appeal of the portrait means that the modern version can be seen everywhere on social media as digital artists of all skill levels share their captivating characters, focusing on the face. This much-needed book for beginners to digital portraiture goes back to basics (simple anatomy, lighting, color, and perspective) as the starting point for even the most stylized of subjects. Professional artists with recognisable styles, including Loish, Simone Grunwald, and Francisco Garcés, still use these fundamentals. Readers learn from industry professionals how to infuse their subject with believable detail and atmospheric storytelling (especially relevant when working from photographs, as many artists do today). Experts demonstrate step-by-step their digital workflow, sharing techniques for rendering stylized skin tones, hair, and eyes. Sci-fi, fantasy, historical, and anthropomorphic portraits are created. Real-world individuals are highly stylized, yet convince the viewer. This is the essential guide for the next generation of portrait artists who want to create contemporary, stylized work that is compelling, emotive, and memorable.
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