Montana Cans

Montana Cans Ultra Fat Cap, Level 6

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Montana Cans offers a cap system with a variety of interchangeable caps that allow artists to customize spray width on the same spray can to achieve different effects for different projects. The complete Level Cap system was developed by Montana Cans to compliment the exceptional characteristics of the low pressure, Montana Cans GOLD. The ultimate fill in cap for graffiti, street art and urban art, the Level 6 cap applies color with moderate to spray mist subject to wind conditions. The Level 6 Cap is classed as an Ultra Wide Fat Cap and offers the largest spray output for the Montana Cans GOLD low pressure cans. Clearly a fat cap, the Level 6 cap sprays lines of 2" - 10" on average. This cap is only for larger surface areas only; applying to small projects will result in excessive paint application or drips. The spray width changes as the distance of application to the substrate changes. For broader lines, spray from a further distance.
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